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Our full collection! There is a flavour for everyone. Find your fave!

Our 240ML jars are $7 MSRP and our 55ML jars are $3.50 MSRP. To order online, please go to our Order Online page or visit our Square page. For the serious mustard lover, we now have an extra large jar that is 740ML for only $16! Our new products are being added to this list soon. Check out our Order Online page for the full list.


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Original Hot Mustard

Our Original Hot Mustard recipe was perfected over 20 years ago. It's a perfect mix of hot and sweet and is a staple for any sandwich, burger or hot dog. And Ham! Ham is just not the same without our Original Hot Mustard!




Sweet Honey Mustard

Our Sweet Honey Mustard is a delectable creation! A perfect companion for dipping; not too hot, not too sweet. A more delicious mustard would be a lifelong quest to find.




Spicy Curry Mustard

Add some pizazz to your next dish with a spoonful of our perfectly seasoned Spicy Curry Mustard. An immaculate blend of flavors combine to create a unique taste that will have you cleaning every last drop from the jar.




Hot Maple Mustard

Our Hot Maple Mustard strikes a perfect balance of delicious sweet Canadian maple syrup and heat. A perfect companion to a nice hunk of ham.


Dangerously Hot Mustard

For those who like to live on the edge, our Dangerously Hot Mustard might push you to the brink. It may cause some perspiration and a slight tingly sensation on the lips. Chili Pepper flakes and Pepper Sauce take this mustard to a higher level of hot. If you love heat, this mustard is for you!



Spicy Pumpkin Mustard(Seasonally Available)

An unusual twist & seasonal treat rolled into a delicious mustard that is a rare gem. A little pumpkin spice and purée combine for a perfectly festive flavour! Get this seasonal treat while you can! We are almost sold out for the season! You can still find this amazing mustard at a few of our retail partners, Sharpe's Food Market in Campbellford, The Village Pantry in Warkworth & Lofty Kitchen in Colborne ON.



Hot Pink Pumpkin Mustard(Seasonally Available) 

A slightly milder & sweeter flavour, the perfect combination of pumpkin spice and pink pumpkin purée create a unique mustard not found anywhere else! Get this seasonal treat while you can! The Porcelain Doll(Pink Pumpkin) variety was created with charity as it's foundation. As such, for each large jar sold, 50¢ will be donated to charity, currently the Daily Bread Food Bank. You can still find this unique mustard at a few stores including Sharpe's Food Market in Campbellford, The Village Pantry in Warkworth, Lofty Kitchen in Colborne, Herma's in Port Hope, Scheffler's Deli at the St Lawrence Market, The Friendly Butcher in Toronto & The Ottawa Bagel Shop & Seed To Sausage in Ottawa.