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Our full collection of mustard! There is a flavour for everyone.
Find your fave!

Our 240ML jars are $7 MSRP and our 55ML jars are $3.50 MSRP. The only exceptions to this is our Classic Salsa - Medium and our Perfectly Pickled Beets($6 - 240ML, $8 - 475ML & $10 -725ML)


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Perfectly Pickled Beets

Simply delicious, this time tested, award winning recipe will delight! A perfect way to add some savoury flavour to any dish!




Classic Salsa - Medium

This award winning salsa is truly perfect! Exceptionally balanced with a perfectly lingering amount of heat. The right balance of fresh veggies along with just enough salt and sugar create a most savoury treat! One jar is not enough!




Sweet Red Pepper Jelly

Take your chicken to the next level with our Sweet Red Pepper Jelly or jazz up your next cheese tray! A simple, natural & delicious condiment with only a few ingredients.




Spicy Jalapeno Jelly


Take cheese and crackers to the next level with some of our award winning Spicy Jalapeno Jelly! A great addition to charcuterie boards or to spice up some chicken.




Pink Pickled Onions

A refreshing and cripsy addition to burgers and hotdogs and a great addition to sandwiches and salads too! You won't look at onions the same way once you have a taste.







Apple Butter

Sweeten up your breakfast by adding some of our delicious award winning Apple Butter  onto your toast, pancakes and french toast or elevate pork chops by adding some sweet cinnamony Apple Butter. Or turn some plain yogurt into appley delicious yogurt!




Pear Butter

A great way to sweeten up your breakfast routine! With a little ginger, our Pear Butter is a delicious way to jazz up your toast or pancakes. Let your imagination take your next meal down a path of Pear Butter deliciousness! Add it to some yogurt to create a most delicious treat!



Carrot Cake Jam

Some cream cheese on toast with our award winning Carrot Cake Jam and it's as if you've just made a carrot cake, without all the work! Toast just won't taste as good without it or sweeten up your next serving of cheese and crackers.





The Queen's Jam

This Scandinavian treat is an amazing addition to your breakfast! Toast, pancakes and waffles just won't be the same without this regal jam. Add some to yogurt or ice cream too!




Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Anywhere you could put jam, you should put some of our Strawberry Rhubarb jam! This sweet and savoury fruit combination perfectly captures the essence of summer.